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Monday, March 1, 2010

Breastfeeding in a car

Ever had to breastfeed your child in a car? Those carseats really don't make it easy, do they. Yet you can't blame the kid for getting a little craving whilde driving. Most adults eat or drink on the road too.
I found myself kneeling on the backseat, bended over my daughters carseat, holding on to the head support, this weekend. I might have to add to this that we were driving 4x4 on a bumpy dirtroad and people were looking at me strange.
There are so many things out there for children which are not breastfeeding friendly, it is sickening. Would it be that much more difficult to make a carseat where you can easily bend over to nurse your child?



  1. I'm thinking this is a safety hazard. Were you or could you be seat buckled in? It is a law here in Florida. I've had this situation where baby is hungry and we pull over, nurse and then back on the road. I'd never want to imagine an accident happening while nursing, but if it did while bent over a car seat, I'm quite certain it would not be safe for momma. That said it could be potentially more dangerous for baby with momma hunched over car seat. I'm totally with you on making breastfeeding easier and helping manufacturers see that it MUST be considered in more products user friendly testing. In this case however I think safety first.
    Happy Breastfeeding!

  2. I must say, I don't think I've ever fed in a moving car before. It sounds like I'm missing out! You should design a feeding friendly car seat - I'm sure you'd make a fortune!

  3. @worldinapapercup
    LAW is a very big word when you are talking about the traffic situation in Cote d'Ivoire. Sadly, except for the buckle that holds my daughters carseat, there is no safety belt in the back.
    I am pretty sure that this is not safe whatsoever. But we're not in Europe or America where there's a lot of traffic. I am talking here about a small dirtroad in Africa. No traffic whatsoever and moving at 25km/h because of the state the road is in.
    If we would be in Europe, I'd be buckled up and we would stop to nurse her of course. Here that's just not possible.

  4. Tacey, that would be a good idea, but sadly, I think it would exceed my capacities

  5. Many moms on long car trips have found themselves hunching over a car seat - Big boobs really help with this. And yes, the mom can be buckled in, just the strap is stretched out.
    RV campers though are way better if you are nursing on a long cross country car trip - highly recommend renting one.

    On a cross country trip, you simply can not pull over and nurse every hour for 20-30 minutes - it can make an 8 hour trip into an 18 hour trip (I know, I did this). So carseat nursing can be an essential skill for the nursing mom.


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