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Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's in my diaper bag?

Jessika Bailey at Uncommon Momsense was wondering what's in people's diaper bags, so I decided to make a little list of what's in mine. I don't really have a diaper bag ready to go or anything, I just pick up what's needed for the occasion.
I hardly ever really use a standard diaper bag. I got one for free with the Chicco 'Trio for Me' stroller I never used, and hardly ever use it. If I'm not out for long, I just stuff things in my handbag (got one especially for that use, since I used to be the teeny handbag kind of gal, never understood the big bag thing until the daughter came along). And for longer outings, I have a weekend diaper bag, which I really like. It's lime green and black with a camouflage interior from Little Company and for me it is just the right size and enough seperate pockets. I actually bought it because I found it was the ideal handluggage size. (ooh, I just went over to their site to add the link and found out they have way too cool bags! Gotto stop looking... aargh!)

Diaper bag essentials
these are the things I always carry when I'm out and about with my 20 month old.

  • Cloth diapers and paper liners (unless we're gone for more then one night, then I switch to disposable)
    I have 5 AIO's for the occasion, they are supercute handmade things I ordered off a woman in Belgium
  • diaper bag (for the dirty diapers)
  • babywhipes
  • pagne (a piece of cloth I use to tie baby on my back when she's tired)
  • fruit (appel, banana, prune...)
  • thermometer and paracetamol 
  • bottle of water
  • ballpoint
  • hand sanitizer
  • toilet paper or tissuesHey, I live in Africa, you never know where your next toilet visit will be. also handy for runny noses etc.
I think that's about it for the essentials. So next up, the additionals:
  • Diaper creamI only put it in there when she has a rash, or when she'll be wearing disposables (rash assured!)
  • Toy or bookWhen I know we'll be waiting somewhere she can't play with dirt or stones
  • Nuts or pistaccios
  • Some cookiesOnly when we'll be out for a long while and she's craving for something other than fruit or nuts
  • Sippy cup
  • SunscreenI'm not really a big fan of sunscreen, but our skin is just not made for tropical sunshine
Of course there's a lot of stuff not on this list we need when we go to the beach or the pool, but I think that might be another post altogether.



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