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Sunday, February 21, 2010


I live a fairly secluded life her in my golden cage. I only come in contact with few other parents and find the rest of my social parenting life online. This allows me to live in my own little utopia in my head.
It's quite obvious that I search for like-minded people online. I only read blogs from people who live by the same principles. So over time, in my mind, I create a world in which the majority of people are attachment parents, in which unschooling is a normal, reasonable thing to do. Living in this imaginary world deconnects me from reality most of the time.
Yet sometimes I get my nose pushed into the shit that is reality. When I google something, like say, baby sleep pattern, I get hundreds of results about CIO, and maybe one about more peaceful approaches. When I browse through mommy blogs, I instantly realize we're outnumbered! Shocking!
Damn, my utopia is so much better, I think I'm going to reside there until the world has seen its error!

Until then,



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