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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reach out! (rerun)

Considering the way we are living (i.e. a very remote setting with few other people around) it is very hard for me to find like-minded people. But even if you’re not miles away from your closest neighbour, it’s not easy to find people with the same parenting philosophy when you take the road less travelled.
Being a parent can sometimes be frustrating and infinitely lonely for anybody, but even more so if your beliefs don’t concur with the people next to you. There will be times when you might be filled with doubt and don’t know where to turn to.
The best advice I can give you today is to reach out! Don’t stay locked up at home, go out and find people who think alike. (Or at least people who don’t mind your opinions and don’t try to convince you to change… hmm) And if you cannot go out and join a community or organisation that shares your beliefs, organise one yourself. And if even that is not an option, thank evolution (or God) for the internet. Google the things that make you tick and you’ll be sure to find an online community where you can go and share your doubts and frustrations, but also your joys and revelations. If you’re on facebook, try to find groups about your interests, there are some really active ones out there. Yoyu can also join Authentic Parenting on Facebook
Don’t wait until someone takes you by the hand, because that will most likely never happen.



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