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Monday, February 8, 2010

Ramblings of a lazy housewife

Yes, I'm a stay at home mom. No, I don't work. What I do with my time? Hell, nothing of course, that's why I have a cook/nanny, a gardener and a cleaner/ironer. What I have three people working for me? And I'm just sitting at home? I've got to do something...
No, that's pretty much it. I coordinate my threesome of employees. Oh and I swim, organise aquagym lessons, do workout DVD's. I get a beautician to come over every once in a while, for a mani/pedi, a facial etc. I also walk and play with the dog. I also wash him and check him for ticks. I do the shopping, groceries and other. We organise dinner parties and picnics. We do afternoons of organised play with the other mommies, sometimes we take the kids to the pool or the beach. I sew, knit and tricot - when I find some spare time. I blog, I read, I educate myself on how to raise my child. I do the occasional load of laundry and I organise the house. I plan the vegetable patch and teach my gardener how to plant. I'm designing the garden and I'm redecorating the house. (We had to put up new curtains, new paint and new furniture and we are fighting a big battle with the termites) I paint with the kid, bathe her, breastfeed her, read to her, take her for walks. I make the family albums. I make sure all the repairs are being done in the house. I prepare our holidays, so we don't have to run around like madmen all the time. I keep in touch with family and friends. I go and help out with the other women in our community, with their decorating projects etc.
Yes, I'm pretty much a lazy housewife and I sit at home doing nothing all the time. Now when will I ever have the time to play the Sims again???



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