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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Don't ask for advice if you don't want any!

I'm not to keen on writing today... I'm feeling kind of blah due to interactions I am having with another mom. Bare in mind that interactions of any kind are scarse here and that we have to do with the people that are around, really.
You'd think that if two mothers have really (I mean REALLY) different parenting philosophies, you don't go to each other for parenting advice, right. Unless it's something that's rather generic and wouldn't touch the core of your parenting views (like say how to wash the diapers or something). I mean, I can easily name you a list of people to whom I wouldn't turn for sleep advice, or breastfeeding advice. I would deem it pretty useless to go to someone for baby sleep advice if I know that person is going to toss out Controlled Crying, to which I am clearly opposed.
Yet there's this mom I know who is really parenting way way way over the other end of the parenting spectrum (but baby in a corner, punishing, schedule-following, angry kind of person, who states that at seven months her kid should sleep though the night, and by that she means 12 hours in a row) and she comes to me with a shitload of questions, at least twice a week. It's really bugging me!
Scenario usually goes: she asks for advice, I give it to her, she rejects it. I say she does whatever seems right to her, she keeps asking... Then she says how she asesses the situation. (I usually disagree) I tell her that's not the way I would do it, but she should do what feels right. Rinse repeat.

Moral of the day: If you don't want advice, don't ask for it! If you ask for it, bare in mind you might not get what you expected. And if you don't want to argue, get your advice where you know people follow your view of things (and stop bugging me, &^^%!)



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