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Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 things to keep your toddler busy indoors (re-run)

I have a very active toddler at home, and there are days she really needs some cool activities to do. Yet there are days mommy has no inspiration, and I think I'm not alone at this. So I thought: let's share a list of activities you can easily do with your toddler indoors with everyday items.

1. Make an obstacle course: have your child roll on a carpet, crawl under a table, jump/step over obstacles, paddle through an inflatable pool filled with water, roll over a ball... let your imagination run free and use whatever you have handy
2. Fingerpainting is always fun with the little ones, but make sure they are naked or waring disposable clothes, and that you plan the activity somewhere they can do no harm to furniture/walls... Maybe give them some tools, like bits of string and cuetips, wooden spatulas, paintbrush...
3. Story telling
4. puppet theatre - you don't even need special puppets, just use bears and dolls, or make cardboard characters, you could even have fun with your toddler decorating them. For the theatre, you can cut out half the bottom of a big box, put the box on its side and hide behind it (again this can be decorated at will)
5. Cooking class - Crepes are easy and fun thing to make with toddlers, and afterwards they can have some. You just need two cups of flour, a pinch of salt, an egg, a cup of water and milk until the batter is very liquid. But of course there are many many other recipies you can make with your little one.
6. Playdough! You can even make your own
7. Fill an inflateable pool with plastic balls (of course you can fill it with water too, if you have an indoor space that can take the splattering)

8. Of course drawing and colouring can't be underestimated.
9. I find that my little girl can keep busy for quite a while with stickers (ok, I have to get them off the dog and my legs afterwards, but hey, whatever does the trick, right)
10. Building blocks are always fun, you could find a way to integrate it in imaginative play, like build a bed for the doll etc.

Some links that propose nice toddler activities:
Some crafts to do with toddlers:



  1. I have sticker books, coloring books and a mini water pool which I let my boy play in it in our balcony. Other than that, we also have his Mega Bloks for him to play stacks with.

  2. I have an active toddler at home - i give her tiny pieces of fruits, which keeps her busy for sometime.She also loves doodling with a pencil on a paper..
    However, she loses interest in the same, very soon..and i find her on the couch, clambering on the TV stand, on the tea-table..There we go again..:-)


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